Masac-masac, instalation view, Singapore
photo credits: Dimas Soeyana


The work derived during the workshop Tropical Lab, Singapore.

Displeyed at the ICA Gallery /Institute for Contemporary Art Gallery/ in Singapore.

— 2011 —

* Theme for Tropical Lab 5 was masak - masak. It is a Malay term for make-believe cooking and child’s play. It foregrounds the desire to experiment the preparation, presentation and consumption of food as a basic need for survival or for pleasure, very much like the process of artmaking. It is also highlights the centrality of food within the many cultures in Singapore. / from announcement

  • * Mixed media / forks, knife, table, photographs, plates, clay, wood, silicone, part of pig jaw, metal, etc.
  • * h: 134cm, d: 36cm, w: 76cm
Installation view at ICA Gallery, Bitemeter, white bowls
Installlation view at ICA Gallery, detail
Knife pirced in photography
Installation view at ICA Gallery
photo credits: Cokladt Margana, Dimas Soeyana, Nina Galic