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photo credits: Boris Burić

Intention of the setting = observation of the content/sculptures inside the postament box require from observer to bend over, i.e. to bow to the sculpture of the blacksmith (symbol of the working class).

¬ CONTENT / sculptures INSIDE ARE :

Palms drillers

Instructions = Take "Palms driller" in your hands. Use only your fingertips to hold palm driller, by putting finger pads on dents, designed for them, so that you feel comfortable. By moving hand from the wrist, rotate disk in one direction, then drag the second disk towards the first one, following the same principle. Full effect of the palms drillers will be achieved when the disks are dragged to the end of the axle by rotation. Repeat procedure for the other palm.

  • 11,5 x 11 x 13,5 cm & 12 x 11,5 x 12,5 cm
  • painted ceramics, metal
  • 2015



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