Devices for expansion_ Device for the melanholic viewing of the sky and device Range

The project

“Device for expansion”

which consists of

“Device for the melancholic viewing of the sky”

and device


is intended for an open space // project of making sculpture for Hyde Park in Belgrade //.

— 2011 —

  • The intention of these sculptures is that visitor mentally relax and exercise his spiritual fitness.

Device for melancholic viewing at the sky

Visitors of the park should lean on the back of the sculpture, lay foot on the foot holder, resist, relax and directly view at the sky. It is recommended that people remain in that position as long as possible, moving left and right.

Device for melancholic viewing at the sky

Device Range

Visitors of the park has to climb at the podium, his right leg to set at the foot handler, switch his weight to left leg and catch handles. In that position visitors has to expand and spread hands in the range of 180 degrees, in order to with each hand expand to reach further view.

Device Range