• 2019 – If Your Future is Not Mine, U10 Gallery, Belgrade, RS
  • 2017 – Kontakt Gallery, SCC Kragujevac, RS
  • 2016 – Art Gallery of Cultural Centre of Belgrade / "GRAEAE" / with Bojana Atlija and Ivana Milev, RS
  • 2015 – Gallery Remont, Independent Artistic Association, Belgrade, RS
  • 2011 – Belgrade Fortress Gallery in the Inner Stambol Gate, RS
  • 2021 – “Overview Effect”, Museum of Contemporary Art, Belgrade, RS | “Please, Mind The Gap”, MŰTŐ Gallery, The Alterum project, Budapest, HU |
  • 2020 – “Heterotopias of Resistance”, ZETA Gallery, Tirana, AL | “Bitter, Sweet, Blue”, Cultural Center Parobrod, Belgrade, RS
  • 2019 – “Recognition 4”, Art Gallery Nadezda Petrovic, Cacak, RS | “Recognition 4”, National Museum in Kraljevo, RS | “Recognition 4”, Gallery of Cotemporary Fine Arts in Nis, RS | Exhibition of the finalist of the “Dimitrije Basicevic Mangelos” 2019 Award, Remont Gallery, Belgrade, RS |
  • 2018 – “Romanze mit der Revolution”, ACC Gallery Weimar, Germany | "Recognition 4", Museum, Krusevac Art Gallery, Krusevac, RS | "Too little too late" realized within the What Could/Should Curating Do? curatorial course, kafana "Treci Raj", Belgrade, RS |
  • 2016 – November Salon of Visual Arts at National Museum in Kraljevo, RS |
  • 2012 – Art Salon "30 X 30", Cultural Center of Zrenjanin | Exhibition in the open - Terratoria, participation at BELEF, The Republic Square, Belgrade | "The new members 2012" Art Pavilion Cvijeta Zuzoric, Belgrade |
  • 2011 – “Masac - masac” Group exhibition within the workshop Tropical Lab, Institute of Contemporary Art Gallery, Singapore | XVI Biennial of Student`s Drawings, cultural center "Studentski grad", Belgrade | 40th Exhibition of Student`s Small Format Drawings and Sculptures, gallery of cultural center "Dom omladine", Belgrade | Exhibition of students prints and sculpture at master studies of the Faculty of Fine Arts Belgrade, Contemporary Art Gallery Smederevo | Exhibition "Spatial drawing", Gallery "Magacin", Belgrade |
  • 2010 – Exhibition of paintings and drawings within the art colony in Zajecar, Srb | Exhibition of Student`s Small Format Drawings and Sculptures, gallery of cultural center "Dom omladine", Belgrade | 39th Exhibition of Student`s Small Format Drawings and Sculptures of the Faculty of Fine Arts, Gallery "Magacin", Belgrade |
  • 2008 – Group exhibition within art workshop "Real Presence", Gallery "Kuca legata", Belgrade |
  • 2006 – Group exhibition of graduation works of students of the School of Design, Museum of Applied Arts, Belgrade |
  • 2020 – The Regional Residency Program in Tirana, ZETA – Center for Contemporary Art, Albania
  • 2020 – Art Colony "Crni vrh" / "Black Top", Jagodina, Serbia
  • 2017/18 – 23rd International Studio Program by ACC Gallery and the City of Weimar, Germany
  • 2017 – "Recognition 4" art residency, Ribarska Spa, Serbia
  • 2015 – Residency at the GLO' Art Center, Lanaken, Belgum
  • 2013 – 4. Eco-ethno art colony in Siroki Brijeg, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • 2012 – Art Colony Terra, Kikinda, Serbia
  • 2011 – Participation in the workshop "Tropical Lab" in Singapore, Lasalle College of Fine Arts, Singapore
  • 2011 – Multimedial international art colony for students in Trsic, Serbia
  • 2010 – Art Colony in Vratarnica, Zajecar, Serbia
  • 2008 – Participation in the workshop "Real Presence" in Belgrade, Serbia
  • 2020 – “Implementation of Social Production (If Your Future is Not Mine) and Production of Space (Tropical Post-Anthropocene) in Art Practice”, AM Journal of Art and Media Studies 23 (2020): 170-178. doi: 10.25038/am.v0i23.405
  • 2020 – Book “Resistance”, ZETA Contemporary Art Center, Tirana, Albania, ISBN 978-9928-4632-0-3
  • 2016 – Work published in book “Serbia Reconsidered” Antiga Edicioni, ISBN 978-88-99657-17-8, and included in collection Imago Mundi, Luciano Benetton Collection
  • 2011 – Article published in the first edition of Tropical Lab Press, Singapore
ARTIST TALKS //selected
  • 12.06.2021 – Presentation of the artistic practice, MŰTŐ Gallery, Budapest, HU
  • 30.08.2019 – ArtSample presentation in collaboration with “Mangelos” Award, U10 Gallery, Belgrade, RS
  • 18.10.2018 – Presentation of the artistic practice within the international curatorial project What could/schould curating do, Kvaka 22, Belgrade, RS
  • 15.01.2018 – ACC Gallery Weimar, DE
  • 08.11.2017 – Guest artist at Klasse für Installation und Raum, Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst Leipzig, DE
  • 12.11.2015 – “Tea party”, Department of Sculpture, Faculty of Fine Arts, RS
  • 17.09.2011 – Lasalle College of Fine Arts, Singapore
  • 2010/present – Art Educator
  • ¬ Preparation, organization and realization of art workshops, curriculum development, classroom management, the teaching of various art practices in order to enrich students’ individual art expression, development of verbal and motor skills through art practice, development of sensitivity to artistic and visual values, preparing students for enrollment in the vocational, art high schools and universities, promotion of humanistic values ¬ Dečiji Atelje, Belgrade (2021), Kindergarten Slonče, Belgrade (2021), Alternative art space Kvaka 22, Belgrade (2019), Intergenerational volunteer center in the Children’s Cultural Center Majdan, Belgrade (2016), Guest Art teacher of the sculpture workshop at the ABC Junior Preschool, Belgrade (2014), Humanitarian project of the Ministry of Culture, teacher of art workshop for Roma children in suburbs, Belgrade (2010/11)
  • 2014/present – Freelance graphic and web designer
  • ¬ Designing the corporate identity: creating the visual concepts and ideas, developing overall layouts and production design for advertisements, logos, brochures, corporate reports, etc. ¬ Tools: Adobe: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere Pro, Lightroom.
  • ¬ Designing and developing the websites: conceptualizing and implementing creative ideas for client websites, as well as creating visual elements that are in line with clients’ branding ¬ Program languages: HTML5, CSS, JavaScript.
  • 2012 – Project Assistant/Volunteer "Self - portrait of the artist", author Nenad Glisic, shown at the Mixer Festival 2012th, the "IP Glosarijum", Belgrade
  • 2012 – Assistant in organizing the first "Belgrade Art Fair", held on 26 to 28th October 2012 at the Cultural Centre of Belgrade
  • 2014 – Adobe Training course for Web Development and Web Design
  • 2009/2011 – Master studies at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade, Department of Sculpture
  • 2008 – continuation of further study at the Faculty of Fine Art in Belgrade, Department of sculpture
  • 2006/2008 – Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade, Department of applied sculpture
  • 2002/2006 – School of Design, Packaging Department, Belgrade
  • 2019 – finalist of the “Dimitrije Basicevic Mangelos” Yung Visual Artist Award in Serbia
  • 2017/18 – grantee of the ACC Gallery and City of Weimar, Germany
  • 2012 – admitted to membership of the Association of Fine Artists of Serbia, the same acquired the status of an independent artist
  • 2011 – second prize in the competition for making of sculpture in Hyde Park in Belgrade
  • 2010/2011 – received a scholarship from the Fund for Young Talents of Republic of Serbia, "Dositeja"

Born 20th of September 1987 in Kraljevo, Republic of Serbia