Wiper cleaner, dust grinder


2009/2011 ¬ There are artworks made especially for the artist. Concept is starting from Duchamp’s statement that the dusts settle down on the pictures and sculptures, here acknowledged literally //because it is noted in our galleries//; but it also can emphasize neglecting of the cultural heritage in Serbia.

Since it is meant to be produced in multiplied series and for selling, it has packaging. This suggests the problem of art today, which is made primarily for professionals; the art is made for other artists. In Serbia, the situation is closed in the individual attempts, or individual critique work, or group of artists.There is no conventional communication between culture and art; there is no influence through the media, industrial comprehension of the role of the museums, the role of publications or marketing space in which the art world would function.

Pneumatic cleaner, cleaner of works of art

— They clean all kinds of art surfaces whitout damaging them;

— Required for proper maintenance of works of art;

— They are mobile and easy to use.

Oppressive-compression_cleaner, artwork made for arist



Redesign in the works is a re-contextualization of the existing machines into the domain of art, which does not always mean the transition from functional to non-functional. Adopting from everyday life as a way of taking in order to improve mechanical sculptural potential is more than just a physical act of transferring authorship. In this case, it is about shaping the world of real objects, as potentially being a factor in building a new reality. A line that is created is the following: mind (Latin - intellectus ) - invent (a mental picture ) - skill (articulum - manufacturing skill ) - invention (art ).